Houses That Your Inner Child Will Love

Are you feeling stressed out? Then it may be time for a treetop retreat. A tree house, whether nestled around trunks or perched seemingly midair will allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life according to experts. Even better, building your own little tree house will create additional livable space you can enjoy and even rent. Are you ready to recharge? The following seven tiny tree houses for adults will make your inner child sing.


Shown above is the Raven Loft, a tiny 165 square foot tree house on a 0.5-acre plot on Pender Island in British Columbia.  The owner, Geoff de Ruiter constructed his treetop dwelling mostly out of reclaimed or second-hand materials. His total cost was $8,200. FYI, the plot cost him an additional $35,000.

This tree house is a unique urban retreat in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The owner, Alexandra Meyn, built it out of reclaimed materials. Her total cost was $400 — a bargain basement price when you consider the current value of New York City real estate.

Who wouldn’t want to glamp in their own backyard? The blogger behind Mod Frugalis a mother based in Nashville, Tennessee, who decided to create a little tree house the entire family can enjoy in the woods behind her home.


To minimize building costs, the tree house and its platform were constructed using lumber in standard lengths. The platform measures 8-by-12 feet, and the tree house is 8-by-8 feet.


The roof was constructed out of corrugated steel panels. Clear polycarbonate roof panels were used to create windows and a skylight. If you’re not in the know, these plastic panels are 20 times more durable than fiberglass (and you can buy it at most home improvement stores.)


While this treetop hideaway isn’t equipped with appliances or running water, it was built with comfort in mind. The walls, floor and windows were caulked and screened to keep nipping bugs out of the interior space. The tree house also has a little deck with a stellar view.