Yellow for Every Room is Great Ideas

Yellow is undeniably the most cheerful color on the spectrum.  Indeed, as it’s the color of sunshine, yellow is a mood-lifter no matter how–or where–you use it.  Accessorizing with yellow throughout your home is a great way to give it energy, warmth, and an inviting feel.  Read on for how to use yellow in different rooms of your home.


Yellow in a Family or Living Room


Yellow accessories are a great choice for living spaces that don’t get a lot of light, or need a dose of color.  To avoid a juvenile look, pair yellow with neutrals like brown or gray to give it a more sophisticated feel.  Bright citron has a modern edge, while mustard is more traditional.  


Here are some yellow accessories to try in your living space:

  • Mix and match pillows in yellow patterns
  • Add a throw blanket to the arm of a chair
  • Swap a traditional end table for a yellow garden stool
  • Place tall flowering branches like forsythia or yellow fall foliage in a vase